Mass Surveillance
Unispeed solutions are designed to deliver the highest performance available to the market. Government and Law enforcement organisations are faces with more challenges than ever with respect to Data Retention, Lawful Interception and Cyber Security Monitoring. Unispeed Blue Shield system handles all of these elements in a single cost effective solution.
Data Intercept – 100% Packet Capture
By design our Data Intercept Appliances consistently captures - mediates - and analyses data from full line rate Duplex 10 Gb/s links without packet loss. The unparalleled remote processing capacity facilitates real-time protocol reassembly, data mining, distillation and hand over at line rate speed- thus greatly reducing the need for massive data transfers to central data storage and preserving production network bandwidth. • 40 Gb/s Duplex line-rate Interception • More than 40.000 unique targets in full packet load • More than 500.000 new sessions per second • More and 20 million total tracked session • Infinite clustering
Unified Retention, Mediation, Hand-Over Technology
Simplifying the Data retention and hand-over process is a main driver for Unispeed's development team. Too many systems are not properly architectured for the task leading to complex installations with large overheads and costly burden to the production network Unispeed CDR probes handles all processes on a single platform. • Packet capture and IP-CDR generation • Log indexing and compression • Correlation with dhcp and user data Data extract and Hand-over
Blueshield – Regulatory Data Retention for:
Internet and Communication Service providers, Hosting companies and VAR's • Full scalable Data retention and lawful intercept solution for the toughest requirements (Duplex Gbit, Duplex 10 Gbit and 40 Gbit links) • Fully centralised control of an unlimited number of Interceptor and LI probes - Gateway units and data mediation devices • Blue Shield seamlessly provisions data capture, real-time protocol extract and data mining on distributed probes Combine data retention - network provisioning - mal-ware detection and create new revenue streams from your costumers with Netlogger add-ons
Router/Gateway and IPDR System for the hospitality sector
• The industry's only stand-alone gateway for corporate and guest networks integrates: • Guest login and customer landing page management • High speed routing and comprehensive firewall • Multi-mode - Dynamic traffic shaping • Differentiated user access and billing management • Network management and Monitoring of critical components • User access Monitoring and Recording • Integrated regulatory IP, E-mail, VOIP data retention, with industry leading data compression • Integrated data Retrieval and Hand over with industry leading query performance Lawful intercept and streaming handover
Network Component – Link latency and jitter testing
• Supports up to 16 Gigabit or 4 port 10 Gbit RX/TX • Testing of latency over router and critical network components • Testing of latency and jitter on links and infrastructure with GPS sync 20 nanosecond precision